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On Samhain 1999 (October 31st, 1999), this congregation became the first "Earth Centered" Unitarian Universalist Church in Texas.

As Unitarian Universalists, Earth-Centered spirituality embraces a wide variety of different spiritual paths and a rainbow of theolological orientations based on the diversity of our experiences with transcending mystery. Just a few threads within the Earth-centered tapestry would be Wiccan, West African, Shinto, Native American, Humanist Deep Ecology teachings or the Christian "Creation Spirituality" of Matthew Fox. Some may feel more at home with Druidical teachings from the ancient Celts or look to Mayan or Norse religious structures. Still many others may follow no specific tradition, but revere direct experience of the sacred immanent within all creation.


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Current Patron - Hestia


Sunday Evenings
7:00 PM Meetup, 7:30 PM Evening Circle
8 Celebrations annually, schedule and details
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Full Moon Ritual
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1215 Main Street Garland, Texas 75040
Entrance/Parking lot located behind building

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