As a Unitarian Universalist congregation, we believe that as long as we are seeking truth, then we are seekers together. We follow the seven UU principles- the inherent worth and dignity of every person, the justice, equity, and compassion in human relations, acceptance of one another, a free search for truth, the right of conscience and the democratic process, the goal of world peace, and respect for the interdependent web of all existence.

Services are held in the format the volunteer chooses, and as such we have many services performed in a Veritan format. Verity is a six deity faith founded in 2012 that believes that the web of stories and the divine across all history and cultures have marked similarities and are,in fact, the same story across time. 


Our Heritage


We started back in 1967 as Richardson Unitarian Church. Today, we are Sacred Journey, a name chosen to embrace everyone who walks through our doors walking a different spiritual path.

We are a Unitarian Universalist congregation, members of NTUUC and the UUA.

Our Staff


We are a lay-lead congregation, which means that we don't have a paid pastor or paid staff! Anyone can take the opportunity to come and share their stories, but we also have some regular speakers come through.

Our current board members are Gabriel Hughes (president), Steve Villanueva (secretary), and Alyssa Hughes (treasurer). 

Our Facilities


Our church is located on Main St. in Garland just across from the bank and a short walk from the heart of downtown! We have a sanctuary, a library, two classrooms, a kitchen/fellowship hall, and gender-neutral bathrooms.

We also boast a big back yard with a covered patio. If you'd like to rent the space, just ask or email!

Our Community


Garland as a city has many solitary Wiccan/pagan practitioners, heathens, Christians, atheists, and Veritans. We are the only UU church in Garland and the only Unitarian Universalist congregation in North Texas with a majority polytheist membership. 

We currently have services ranging 15-30 people and about 40 members in total.


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